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I'm Yolande the creator of the Jewellery and Silk accessories you see on this website, all made in my home studio in Maidenhead. I'm open and running during lockdown, this new website is a way for you to support a local business and to treat a friend or yourself with a lovely letter box gift, or something bigger for a special occasion. 

I love colourful beads and dramatic styles, I made sure I keep up to date with the newest fashion trends to ensure my collections are relevant and up to date. 


All my Jewellery is handmade and is often a one of a kind piece, I use Semi precious beads, Fresh water pearls, Artisan glass beads and dyed silk scarves Perspex all finished with hand forged sterling silver or bronzed copper. 

Ice dyed silk scarves

Each Scarf is 100% silk habotai 8 and hand stitched edges. Each scarf is individually dyed using ice and commercial powdered dyes and left for upto 12 hours to deveope, they are then washed in a salt solutions to set the colour and rinse several times to remove any dye residue and iron dried to finish. Each pattern in the scarf is completely unique, making each scarf a one of a kind. 

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